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Time to Upgrade to Big Boy Accounting Software?





Estimates, Job Costs, Accounting, Reporting, Oh My!


How to Evaluate if Your Business Is Ready for the Next Step

IT Support and Much More for YOUR Industry

For almost 30 years, Syscon has provided technology solutions to the construction industry, with implementations of construction-specific software since 1995.  

See what our clients have to say!

What percentage of small businesses go out of business within a year after experiencing a major data loss?


Check out the staggering facts of small buisness data loss and avoid being one of the victims!


Providing Technology Solutions

Welcome! Within these pages we have compiled a wide range of resources, including information About Syscon and its history, our IT Support Services, Consulting Services as they relate to the use of technology in running your business, our industry-leading Best in Class Product Offerings, Articles and Seminar excerpts authored by Syscon staff, Association Affiliations, and Upcoming Events

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What our clients have to say!

“Our core talent is serving people, not managing IT. So when the opportunity arose to hand the responsibility over to a capable partner that we trusted, it was an easy decision.”

David Melvin
Executive Director of Ministry Services
Christ Church of Oak Brook, Oak Brook, Illinois