Why Us

Why is Syscon the right choice for your company?

Our passion is helping businesses use information technology to run their organization successfully and profitably. With almost 30 years of experience under our belts, we’ve learned a few things about what our clients need and want.

We answer our phones in person during business hours, and have a tech on call for off-hours calls; we don’t have any music to listen to while you wait for someone to pick up your call.

Remote Access to provide assistance – many support calls can be handled with a remote session, so we’ve invested in several tools that allow us to ‘see’ your computer, or access a server directly to get a quick resolution. This allows us to provide a quicker resolution, and we can still come onsite when needed!

Billing detail that has details including a brief description of the work performed, on what date, and by whom

Client Notes are written up when we’re onsite. We create notes that we share with you, then keep them on file in a secure location so all our techs have access and know what was done when and by which tech. We’re happy to share these and answer any questions you may have.

Technical Jargon translated into everyday language is key to helping our clients understand their infrastructure. You can count on our techs to explain what’s going on and answer your questions, all in a way that leaves you feeling educated and informed.

We love this stuff – how can we help you?