In 1986, while finishing college and starting a family, Catherine and Larry Wendt received a call. Larry’s dad, Al Wendt, was at a mason contractors event and mentioned to another mason contractor that Larry and Catherine, “did something with computers.” The gentleman had just brought a computer into his office and was having problems. When he got back in town, he called Larry.

“I heard you work with computers,” he said. “Mine’s broken; come fix it.”

And so began our support of computers in the construction industry. From there, we began helping all types of contractors with their new computers.

In 1995, one of our clients purchased Master Builder (Sage 100 Contractor), a construction-specific accounting and project management solution, and asked if we’d be willing to find out more about it so we could help them. Larry hopped on a plane and headed off for training. Soon, we were able to help upgrade our client to the very first Windows release of the software, Version 6.

Syscon has gone on to support our construction clients with a full suite of IT services, including network support and maintenance; backup disaster recovery solutions; anti-virus and anti-spam; remote access for sales, owners and job trailers; custom software integrations and reports; private hosting; monitoring and automated updates through managed services; paperless office solutions; financial report compilation; bank reconciliation and payroll reporting; and everything else computer-related.