About Us

In 1986, while finishing college and starting a family, Cathy and Larry Wendt received a call. Larry’s Dad, Al Wendt, was at a Mason Contractors event and mentioned to another Mason Contractor that Larry and Cathy ‘did something with computers.’ Having just brought a computer into his office, the gentleman was having problems, and when he got back in town, called Larry – ‘I heard you work with computers. Mine’s broken; come fix it’ – and there began our support of computers in the Construction Industry.

History of Syscon

In 1986, co-founders Larry and Cathy Wendt were working with the Construction Industry as it began to take advantage of computers for Accounting, Estimating, and Project Management. Recognizing the potential computers could bring to Contractors, and having business relationships in this Industry for many years, the company was formalized as Syscon, Inc. to provide technology solutions.

What Syscon does now

During the subsequent years Syscon has grown to include a full suite of IT services including hardware, network support and maintenance, remote access, backup disaster recovery, automated monitoring with critical updates, anti-virus and anti-spam services, custom software integration solutions, seminars, and educational articles. More recently, Syscon added private cloud hosting, paperless office processing, payroll processing, and other back office support options.

How we deliver ‘Sysconfidence’

Syscon’s staff has an impressive list of certifications specific to their technology areas. We are proud of our affiliations with key vendors to provide the Best in Class hardware and software solutions such as HP, VMware, and Sonicwall.to name a few. We are Sage Business Partners for specific construction software, and Sage Third Party Software Developers, having received special recognition by Sage in this area. Syscon is active in Association memberships including serving on committees as technology advisors; local Chamber of Commerce; special events such as our Double-Century Bike rides; as well as participation in educational webinars and panel discussions for local groups.

How can we help you?

Whether working at a client’s site or through our Remote and Managed Services options, Syscon staff is available to provide technology solutions appropriate to your company’s needs and goals. We look forward to working with you to maintain your current technology structure, identify future technology options, implementing technology goals, or reviewing the newest technology for your industry.

15 Spinning Wheel Road, Suite 218
Hinsdale, IL 60521