30th Anniversary

Syscon Celebrates 30 Years!

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Syscon, founded in 1986 by Larry and Cathy Wendt, is a leading technology services company
headquartered in Hinsdale, Illinois, a second office in Phoenix, and clients all across the U.S.
How did the business start?
Larry’s dad was a small business owner – a mason contractor in Glen Ellyn. Larry worked in his dad’s shop and the field as a union laborer and bricklayer through high school and college. While Larry was in graduate school for mathematics, following an undergrad in Physics, he interned as a computer programmer. These were the early days, when computers were new to small business owners. (IBM introduced the personal computer in 1981.) When friends of Larry’s dad found out Larry knew about computers, they asked for his help with their computer systems. Larry and Cathy, already entrepreneurs, took the natural step into starting their own tech company, providing computer support to businesses. As the use of computers in business quickly grew, so did Syscon – to meet the growing demands of tech services and hardware. Cathy and Larry want to thank all their customers for a successful 30-year history!

What does Syscon do?
We provide technology services for small to medium-sized businesses – services such as maintenance of the network, firewall and computers and Private Hosting. We support clients’ remote access needs, hardware replacement, server upgrades, backup disaster recovery, anti-virus and anti-SPAM services. We also offer back office consulting support such as payroll processing, work flow, assistance with bookkeeping tasks. And we implement construction-specific accounting and project management software.

What makes Syscon unique?
We provide a complete set of services to not only install and maintain computer systems, but we also have techs and the expertise to help empower a company to use technology effectively. Our exclusive Network Complexity tool benchmarks your IT setup against similar businesses in your industry.

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VIDEO: watch a short Thank You for 30 years video from our president