Cloud Computing

Network Support

“Cloud Computing.” This small phrase covers a lot of options and causes a lot of confusion! The benefits and convenience of the right cloud solution can be a game changer to a growing business. Many times a hybrid combination of cloud and on-premises meets the need. We help businesses of all kinds take the RIGHT data to the cloud for the ideal work flow, keeping productivity and security at the highest possible levels. We have great cloud solutions, including private cloud hosting, application hosting, email hosting and much more.

  • Sage Application Hosting

    Sage 100 Contractor is flexible enough to run a two-person back office, or a 50-person back office. For the smaller offices, a traditional server installation may not be an option, especially when the “offices” may be trailers or other temporary arrangements.

    Our cloud application hosting service hosts your Sage 100 Contractor data and licenses on our cloud server, giving you access anywhere you can connect to the Internet. We take care of the software upgrades and backups, and there is no need to install or upgrade your local laptops/workstations. Since it’s a hosted solution, this also opens up the option to use other business tools, including tablets and Apple-products. This can be a very convenient and cost-effective way to get the benefit of true network-solution software without having to buy or manage servers at your office.

  • Email Hosting and Spam Filtering

    There are a variety of email solutions out there, but for business, Exchange is the absolute standard for many reasons. Many businesses want and need this solution but do not have the network infrastructure in place. Even if you have a regular server, you may want to host just email. Pricing reflects the number of accounts in use, so it is often a better solution for businesses with a changing work force or limited IT options in-house.

    SPAM can be a huge drain on resources and very frustrating (sometimes embarrassing) when the anti-SPAM solution is inadequate. Did you know there is inbound and outbound SPAM filtering? We can provide anti-SPAM solutions with proven track records. Price is based on how many email addresses are in use, which provides flexibility for budgeting.

  • Private Cloud Hosting

    Private cloud solutions provide a secure, flexible environment for your staff. Maybe you have one location, or maybe your organization is spread out geographically. A privately hosted server offers features like remote access, control over software, strong security, and of course, backups. Our hosted solution has a lower entry point, making it a great option for aging equipment. Because it is a private solution, you know exactly who your IT people are and who to call for support – Syscon!