Zenith closes 10/15/14; Datto is selected by Syscon

Zenith closes 10/15/14; Datto is selected by Syscon

When Syscon needed a better disaster recovery and backup solution for the tapes our clients were using, Zenith was ground breaking in its technology and offerings, at a price point that met our clients’ needs. These BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) units have served our clients well over the years, from basic recovery of deleted documents and email, forensic files, recovering servers from a blue-screen, virus attacks, to running servers in a virtual environment while equipment was repaired or replaced. This has been an excellent product for Syscon and its clients.

However, Zenith has been distracted with failed new-product offerings and mis-direction for future network services. This has led to a decline in support, significant delays in assistance, aging technology, compatibility issues, and a great deal of hand-holding by Syscon over the last year. So we went looking for a new partner…

In February 2014, we selected Datto as a replacement Business Continuity and backup disaster recovery partner. Their technology is current and their road map for future roll outs is excellent. Two Syscon representatives attended their early June Partner Summit, and Matt even passed the Advanced Certification at the event. We are excited about this new partnership.

In March, we began replacing Syscon’s internal Zenith units to test and learn the product. In April, we began replacing Syscon’s units that are at client sites as part of our Backup Solution offering. With the announcement from Zenith last week that they will close down as of October 15
, we are accelerating our replacement of units at client sites. If you have not already heard from us, you will in the very near future.

Please watch for future information regarding Business Continuity features, Disaster recovery, and other backup-related information. If you have any questions or would like more information about implementing this solution at your office, please contact Sara at
, or call 630-850-9039 and we’ll be happy to have a Syscon representative give you a call.

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