You’re Only as Safe as Your Weakest Link

Here’s a good one the techs found. In Vegas, hackers got into a Casino through the fish tank thermometer; really! This is a low-level device that connects back to the network for updates and to regulate the temperature.

A hacker figured out that the security on this simple device was pretty weak. He got into the device and followed the cookie crumbs to the network.

We’ve run some articles in recent newsletters about the growing trend of hacking into small to medium businesses through the security cameras. These are often considered ‘low risk’ and sometimes the default Administrator password wasn’t even updated (available on Google, BTW). They can sit in the parking lot, connect via the wireless, and go straight to the cameras. Once in, they have a lot of access!

It’s like leaving one of your car doors unlocked; or one window in the house unlocked. It’s only one thing; what’s the big deal? It only takes one…

So, do you have your garage door connected to your cell phone? How about Alexis or Google? What about that doorbell app or the thermostat? And on goes the list. These are great conveniences, but do you have them locked down? Interesting to note that the common home devices aren’t really the target; they are used like ‘soldiers’ to flood someone’s website or email server to shut them down.

Bottom line? Don’t leave the default Admin password in place for these devices and consider changing them at least annually. – CMW