Year End Payroll Forms in Master Builder

Year End Payroll Forms in Master Builder

There has been some confusion about the W-2 and W-3 report requirements and forms when using the new Aatrix Payroll reports. After discussion with Sage Customer Service, review of the IRS compliance requirements, and a call to Aatrix support, this is the result:

W-2 Forms delivered to Employees – these are to be printed on the perforated, 4-part, blank forms which are available from Sage, Quill, Office supply stores, etc.

One page for each employee with four quarter-page forms (the # of pages is the # of employees)

  • Copy B for their Federal Tax Return
  • Copy 2 to file with their State
  • Copy C for Employee’s records
  • A second Copy C for their State, City, Local tax return

If you file electronically, skip to the next section.

Change the paper stock before printing the next reports!

The two-on-a-page form that is submitted with the W-3 is next. These are printed on plain paper (no perforations), in black ink. These are confirmed to meet the IRS Publication 1141 guidelines. This means they do
have to be on the red-ink forms. They can be printed with black ink on to plain paper for submission with the W-3 summary page.

Next, the W-3 form. The form is completely filled out and ready to print on plain paper in black ink. Again, this print out is confirmed to meet the IRS Publication 1141 guidelines for submission. It does
have to be printed in red ink.

Back to the perforated, 4-part, blank forms.

The next group in the printing process is Copy 1 for State/City/Local tax returns. This prints four separate employees on one page, requiring the forms to be separated for mailing. For states that have all three taxing bodies, this group should be printed and collated to be added to the first group of employee forms (four-on-a-page). For Illinois, this group does not need to be printed.

Next is a one-page Notice to Employees. The form includes a variety of information that may be helpful, including explanations of various boxes on the W-2’s and other topics. This can be printed (and copied) to plain paper and included in each employee’s envelope along with the W-2 forms.

Last group of forms to print – The last section prints the Employer’s copy of the W-2’s. These are 4-part with four employees on a page. Some may choose to print to plain paper and file, while others may print to perforated stock for storage.


  • Four-part perforated stock for Employee forms
  • Plain Paper and black ink to print the W-2 form that is sent with the W-3
  • W-3 can be printed in black ink and is filled in (no need to pull out the typewriter this year)
  • Extra four-part form for states requiring State, City, and Local tax forms
  • Special one-page explanation for the Employee
  • Four-on-a-page Employer’s Copy of W-2

NOTE: 1099 and 1096 forms still need to be submitted on the RED forms.

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