Year End File Clean Up

Year End File Clean Up

Year End File Cleanup

…not just the paper

As the year end approaches, many offices order bankers boxes in anticipation of cleaning out file drawers. Some things are shredded; others are moved to an attic or off-site storage location.

We would like to suggest that your electronic files need the same type of clean up – some to be deleted, some to be moved to an external drive for safe keeping. Our techs can work with you to determine which files really need to be on the server, which are personal and should be removed or relocated, which can truly be deleted, and which can be moved to an external drive, labeled, and kept in the safe, or a safety deposit box.

This process frees up space on the server(s), cleans up the amount of files that need to be combed through when looking for information, and often reduces backup expenses, or extends the life of backup systems by trimming the drive space usage. Remember that just because you don’t know what a file is for, doesn’t mean it can be deleted. We would be happy to have a Technician assist you with the review process, and the moving or archiving of data.

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