Working in a Cloud Environment

It’s just different – the biggest challenge we have when a client moves their business to a cloud solution is the day-to-day changes they didn’t expect.

Streaming Music – this has to be done through the local workstation. If it’s a thin client, that may not be an option. Remember, this uses quite a bit of band width and may actually cause performance issues for the rest of the users. What’s the company policy?

Working across multiple screens – now everything is in the cloud, so the remote access screen now spans two monitors. It looks different and takes a little getting used to.

Am I on my local computer or the Cloud?  Again, this just takes a little getting used to; there’s a tool bar for the remote session which can be minimized. Selecting printers may take a little adjustment, too.

Like any change, have the procedures out and available, and be patient. In no time at all, navigating all of this will be second nature!  – CMW