Wonder why you have a different withholding amount for someone?

I was checking an employee’s accrued vacation (we use Sage 100 Contractor in-house, version right now), and when I was done, I hit ‘Escape’ to leave the screen – I hadn’t changed anything. I received the message that my changes were not saved, click ‘Yes’ to Save, ‘No’ to leave without changing, and ‘Cancel’ to return to the screen. I happened to notice that the Pay Period now said ‘3-Semi-monthly,’ and no one is paid semi-monthly; odd… So I exited without changing, and on a hunch, did the whole thing again.

When you hit ‘Escape’ in an employee view from the 5-2-1 screen, the Pay Period automatically changes to 3-Semi-monthly! This takes me back to my standing recommendation – always, always use ‘Escape’ or ‘Exit,’ never the ‘Save’ button, when looking things up. Many, many clients use Save to exit a screen, then call me with bizarre results and say they didn’t change anything. I would add the word ‘intentionally,’ and I believe you, but if you’re in the habit of using ‘Save’ to exit a screen, whether or not you made a change, it’s time to change your habit and here’s a great example of why. Try it yourself!