Wire Transfer Scam

Recently there’s been a pretty sophisticated wire transfer scam that is going on. In many cases, when they receive the email, the domain name can be very convincing. Often times, it has the right domain name, the name of the controller, the operations person or owner. They know exactly who they are sending it to, to get it processed.

When it comes to defending your precious assets against digital threats, it can seem impossible to protect yourself at every turn. But there is one way you can make a concrete change that will tighten up your security more than you realize: educating your people. The next concrete thing you can do is to set some very specific guidelines within your office.  For instance, all money transfers require a phone call, no email approvals. Write up the procedure, review it with your staff, have them initial it, and stay on top of making sure it’s followed.

If you have questions or any suspicious communications, always err on the side of caution. Need another set of eyes? Give us a call – 630-850-9039 – or email us at CustomerSupport@www.syscon-inc.com – CMW