Windows SBS Servers – Need to Replace Them!

Many of our clients have taken advantage of the Microsoft Small Business Servers which include Exchange. This has been phased out by Microsoft, and many of these servers are 4 or more years old (ancient in technology [dog] years).

You have a couple of options, so you need to get started on some planning:

Virtualization has been a game changer! One option is to purchase a host server with lots of memory and drive resources, VMware tools, and virtualize your data and Exchange servers (2 of them). This allows you to stick with one server ‘box’ and still have 2 servers. You still need to purchase 2 operating systems, Exchange licenses, anti-spam, and appropriate cals based on your users, in addition to the virtualization software. You can keep your equipment onsite and under your control. With the additional space requirements, you may need to revisit your backup solution and make sure it has sufficient resources.

Another option is to purchase replacement equipment for your data server and move to a hosted Exchange option. Your existing email files can be moved to the hosted environment, and your staff can continue to use the same software they’re familiar with.

If you’d rather not deal with the capital expense of hardware, software, and licenses, you can move your data to a private hosted server. In this scenario, you pay for the space and user licenses you need, but you don’t need to purchase the server software and cals, or the labor to replace equipment. These solutions include backup disaster recovery, and you can retain security for your users and data. You have a monthly fee for access to the hosted solution based on the number of users and the size of your data. These plans can include day-to-day user support, new equipment setup, hosted email, or just access to the remote environment.

If you have an SBS server, or you’re running MS 2008 Server OS, you’ll need to make some decisions; we’re here to help!– CMW