Windows 7 – Still!

We’ve heard some very interesting things about the end-of-life Windows 7 Operating System that is still on some computers. I’d like to bring you up to speed, then put a few holes in some comments we’ve heard.

Windows 7 is end-of-life; it is now a serious security risk. Microsoft is not releasing any more updates for this Operating System. Having this machine on your network is not safe. Those machines need to be upgraded (if they qualify) or replaced, NOW.

But I’ve been running my Win 7 machine without any problems.’ Good for you; you’ve been lucky so far. This is not something to play with; your luck will run out. Your network, your data, is at risk.

If it’s Windows 7 Pro, it’s not a risk, I’m OK.’ This is a silly one, but that’s what a prospect was told. No, this is not OK. Don’t believe me? Google it!

Lastly—if you’re on our Managed Services, or our Fully Hosted services, you have to have current Operating Systems on your equipment. If there’s a compromise on your network, and it is related to a Windows 7 machine, we will bill for any work related to the compromise including work on that machine, removing malware, or any other security breach remedies.—CMW