Windows 10 Upgrade – Now or Wait?

We strongly encourage you to wait to do this upgrade. We’ve had some experience with the upgrade, and we’ve done some research on it, confirming our recommendation to hold off for now.

With the release of any new software version, the first adopters are helping with the testing process (like it or not). Based on these ‘field tests.’ there will be various updates to the new version until it is stable. It also takes time (and money) for other software companies to learn about the new Operating System (OS) and make appropriate changes to their software so it runs on the new OS. Then they have to test their release and get it out to their customers.

No rush—the one year free upgrade offer for Win 7 and Win 8 users is valid through next summer.

Turns out, Windows version 10 has an automatic sharing of Wi-Fi passwords with the user’s Facebook friends. We consider this a security issue; you may not want that kind of automatic ‘sharing.’

Even Microsoft says that some printers and other hardware might not work correctly, including anti-virus and security programs—that’s a big deal.

For business computing needs, there are some significant compatibility issues with business software and Windows version 10; it’s just too new.

We’ve had some experience with the upgrade process—some have gone very badly, others have gone less badly, but none of gone smoothly.

Like anything new, it might be tempting to be on the ‘latest and greatest,’ but if you need to print from your computer, have Wi-Fi access, run anti-virus, run any business-class software, or have Facebook friends, you should probably wait—CMW