Will Google Flag Your Website as ‘Not Secure’?

In an official announcement on February 8th this year, Google posted the following comment: ‘Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure.”’ When they get to your website, it will say ‘Not Secure’ and they might leave.

You’ve probably heard about HTTP versus HTTPS and seen it in your Internet Browser. As an example, bank sites are usually HTTPS, meaning they have a Security certificate in place. The additional encryption provided with an SSL Certificate protects you and the website you’re visiting. With an SSL Cert in place, no one can modify the traffic or spy on the session. Without it, someone with access to the router could intercept the info or even put malware in place.

If you don’t have an SSL Cert for your website, now’s the time to buy it and get it applied. Give us a call and we’ll help you get it done! – CMW