Why Do I Need To Replace My Server, Firewall, Laptop?

Many of our clients ask us about what equipment they need to replace and when they should plan to get it done.  So why should you replace the server, the firewall, the workstations, and the laptops, and when?

On one such client call, the owner said they’d had their server for eight (8) years, so when should they start thinking about replacing it. I responded that every day, when they arrive at the office and it’s running, they should give thanks!

If you get four (4) years out of your server, you’re doing great. It’s not just how long the equipment will last, but the age of the operating system, the speed of the drives, and the process speed, to name a few things. In the meantime, you’re adding new software, upgrading old software, and all of these count on the latest hardware speeds for a great user experience.

Firewalls are another upgrade candidate. These are your first line of defense between the outside internet and your network. The firmware needs to be updated from time-to-time during maintenance, but that’s not enough. These devices also have a life-cycle. The manufacturers will issue end-of-life dates on the Firewall units. After a certain date, they will not renew annual service agreements, they’ll stop issuing firmware updates, so any known loop-holes can be exploited. How old is your firewall? Is it already end-of-life?

The last one I’ll mention is the laptop/workstation. I’ve seen bookkeepers with ancient workstations that are slow and frustrating to use. Replace it! Not only will your bookkeeper save time each day, but you’ll have an appreciative employee.  Need help with this?  You know where to find us – 630-850-9039  – CMW