What’s New in SMB 15? – Accounts Payable

What’s New in SMB 15? – Accounts Payable

An Overview of Accounts Payable Changes

Sage has stepped up the frequency of product upgrades. Many Master Builder users are running version 14. With the release of version 15 at the beginning of 2010, there were several significant changes to various modules and quarterly payroll reports.

As of late August, Sage has released Master Builder version 16. In keeping with their support policy, only two versions are supported at any time. This means that Master Builder versions 15 and 16 will be supported. Companies running version 14 will need to upgrade in the near future. Master Builder can be upgraded from version 14 to version 15. The software can also be upgraded from version 14 to version 16, which has just been shipped.

Any upgrade from Sage Master Builder version 14 will include a variety of changes for the users, including Accounts Payable, the Job screen, and Payroll. This is the first in a short series of updates that highlight some of these changes. We begin with Accounts Payable, Payments.

Accounts Payable


Previously in order to select A/P invoices to be paid, a user would go to the Vendor Payments screen (4-3) to select invoices for payment and print checks. In MB 15, Vendor payments have been broken down into two separate screens.

  1. Screen 4-3-1, Select Invoices to Pay, automatically opens the Invoice Selection screen. Choose the Selection Criteria and click the OK button. The invoices will populate the grid on the 4-3-1 screen. Select invoices to pay as usual. Click on the Printer icon to access the Set to Pay reports.
  2. Screen 4-3-2, Pay Vendors. After selecting and saving invoices in 4-3-1, go to the 4-3-2 screen. This screen lists all vendors with invoices that have been set to pay. Click in the check box to select which vendors are to be paid. In the lower right corner, accept the default of Pay By Check, or click on the pull down arrow to select Vouchers or Credit Card payment methods.

This enhancement separates the Invoice selection to pay from the process of printing the checks or vouchers. The 4-3-2 Pay Vendors also incorporates the new Credit Card Processing option.

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