What’s New in MB 15 – Payroll Navigation

What’s New in MB 15 – Payroll Navigation

Payroll Changes – What has been moved

Sage has stepped up the frequency of product upgrades. Many Master Builder users are running version 14. With the release of version 15 at the beginning of 2010, there were several significant changes to various modules and quarterly payroll reports.

As of late August, Sage has released Master Builder version 16. In keeping with their support policy, only two versions are supported at any time. This means that Master Builder versions 15 and 16 will be supported. Companies running version 14 will need to upgrade in the near future. Master Builder can be upgraded from version 14 to version 15. The software can also be upgraded from version 14 to version 16, which has just been shipped.

Any upgrade from Sage Master Builder version 14 will include a variety of changes for the users, including Accounts Payable, the Job screen, and Payroll. This is the third installment in a short series of updates that highlight some of these changes. The next installment will discuss Quarterly/Year End reports and changes in accessing the forms.

Payroll Module Navigation Changes

Yearly/Quarterly Reports, 5-4

This section has been renamed and several reports have been moved to the Payroll Management section. It is now called Federal and State Tax Filing and includes 1-Federal Forms, 2-State Forms, 3-Magnetic Media-Quarterlies, 4-Magnetic Media-W-2s.

The Payroll Audit, 5-4-4

The Audit should be run after each payroll, preferably before the checks are sent out. It checks for a variety of potential audit errors. As of version 15, this has been moved to 5-3-7 under Payroll, Payroll Management, Payroll Audit.

Close Payroll Year, 5-4-5

The payroll close is performed after the last check dated December, prior to the first check dated in the New Year, regardless of the company’s fiscal year end. This has also been moved. It can be found in Payroll, Payroll Management, Close Payroll Year, 5-3-8.

Magnetic Media-Quarterlies, 5-4-6 – Magnetic Media-W-2’s, 5-4-7

The file creation for these reports has been renumbered. They are now 5-4-3 and 5-4-4.

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