Waiver Request Generator Add On for Sage 100 Contractor

The Waiver Request Form Tool creates two waivers that contractors are usually required to submit in order to get paid: a Waiver of Lien to date and a Final Waiver of Lien.

The program looks at the jobs in your Sage 100 Contractor database and displays them in a list to be selected by the user. Then selections are made from the vendors in the database to include up to fourteen vendors on the waiver. Next, the total contract price and total for the current payment are entered. Then the contract prices and current payments for the individual vendors are entered. These amounts automatically rollover when you create a new waiver for each job. Waivers are saved so the draw history can be reviewed – no more errors entering into spreadsheets!

Please note: Clients should contact their attorney prior to using any of the forms included in the Syscon Waiver Request Form Tool. Although the forms in this program are commonly used, they may have a significant impact on the ability to collect accounts receivable.


  • The Job Forms screen adds the ability to assign a specific waiver to each job
  • Default Waiver can be selected for those jobs not selected in the Job Forms screen
  • Custom waivers can be added to program
  • Job lookup screen allows user to easily select any job by job name or job number
  • Vendor lookup screen allows user to easily select any vendor by vendor name or vendor number
  • Users can switch between Sage 100 Contractor databases