Verizon Phone Scam – Be Careful!

Verizon Phone Scam – Be Careful!

Today our office received a very professional call from ‘Verizon’ regarding an over charge on one of our phone numbers.

The person knew all the right phrases, just like other calls we have had with them,

  • knew the phone number,
  • account number,
  • key contact person on the account, etc.

They apologized for the billing mistake and said they would issue the credit right away. The person summarized all the information, asked if there was anything else they could help us with on our account, and asked for the password to process the credit –
and that was the give-away

As a follow up from Verizon, it turns out someone was trying to purchase three new Blackberry phones on our account and ship them to an address in Chicago. ‘Kudos’ to Verizon for picking up the phone and checking with us before processing the order. The red-flag for them was that the caller did not want the confirmation number.

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Catherine Wendt