Updating S100C v19 Datasets – ALL of them, please!

As we work with some new clients and guests, I’ve come across several instances where prior year datasets have been moved to a separate folder (other than the MB7/). This would be OK if each time there’s a software upgrade, they’re all moved back to the original folder, then Reindexed to the latest version – but that’s not what’s been happening.

In several instances, datasets from 2015, 2014, or even older are in old versions of the software such as version 18, version 17, even version 16. If you needed access to an older year that has the data in version 16, you cannot just open it with a later version and get started. You would have to install at least one, maybe two interim versions of the software, upgrade to that one, then install the next version and upgrade to that, just to be able to upgrade to the current version. This is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating!

Then there’s the version 20 new software release – all datasets will have to be on version 19.8 in order to migrate them to version 20. Sage will no longer support version 19 (or older) in the very near future, and will not release any updates to version 19 after July 1st 2017(which has already come!).

Bottom line? Get all your datasets on 19.8, ready for the version 20 migration. Need help? Give us a call… – CMW