Updates and Tips from Syscon

Did You Know? Sage 100 Contractor
I’m always surprised to see people enter the numbers on their calculator, then re-type into the software; it’s just too easy to invert a digit or make an error.
Have you used the internal calculator? In any number field, enter the first number, hit an operator key ( + – * / ), and the calculator comes up. Continue with the calculation. If the answer is correct, hit enter again and the result is entered in the field.
Just need to check? Hit the function key F3 and the calculator will come up at any time.
Do you know what F2 is for? How about F5 and F9?

Sage Version 20 – Targeted for April/May 2016
The SQL release is targeted for April/May of 2016. All Custom Programs will be impacted. Watch your mail for updates from Syscon, or call with questions.

Hear what our clients are saying about our techs…
Your service is always great! So happy we have an IT Company that is so pro-active!’
– Jill, Affordable Fire
‘Lenny is a wonderful tech, always as helpful as he can be!’
– Monica, Apex

Favorite Internet Browsers
Here’s what our analytics tell us:
-Chrome 45%
-Internet Explorer 27.5%
-Safari 18%
-Firefox 7.3%
-Edge 2.2%
What’s your favorite?