Updates and Tips from Syscon – July 2015 Edition

Did You Know?

Sage 100 Contractor

When you have to void a record, you can copy-paste, to avoid re-keying but with multiple job costs, it’s a pain to re-enter that screen since it doesn’t come over.
Option1: Before you void the original record, copy the cost grid to Excel (without the record #’s), then copy the Excel grids back to the new record.
Option 2: Copy the grid (right click, copy), void the record, recall, copy-paste as usual, then on the cost record, right click and paste to see the cost records.
Give it a try—CMW

The recent releases address a known issue with the Combined Statement (AR & SR together in one report).

2014 Year End Wrap up

Journal Entries for 2014 all entered? Ready to Archive 2014?


Summer Heat versus Computers

The Heat wins every time—each summer we hear that a client has turned off the AC over the weekend and the computers won’t work Monday morning. Keep the AC on and the computers as cool as possible—CMW


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