Unoffendable: Book Review

Wow! I’d like to make this short book required reading for every school, university student, and everyone considering marriage, everywhere! The focus is that we look inside and think about how we view others, view our circumstances, and how we choose to ‘read’ others’ actions. It’s a quick read, but there is much to keep in mind after you finish reading.

In the opening, we’re reminded that it’s human nature to want others to think highly of us, to be desired by the opposite sex, to have people think we’re good-looking, wealthy, and ultimately happy, that we’re successful. This often sets the stage for how we ‘read’ people’s comments and the stories we tell ourselves of what they ‘really’ meant. For context, Mr. Leak tells us how he was mercilessly teased in his early school years. So he responded by being even meaner than they were! He can remember all the times he was offended. Ironically, he doesn’t remember the moments he offended others.

The saying ‘you reap what you sow’ reminds us that life isn’t about what you receive, but about what you give. Genuine celebrations of another person’s success can disarm our tendency to compare. This means we would have to be looking for the positive things!

His wrap-up is the story of his dream to play in the NBA; check it out! People may choose to ’play small’ because of a comment that shook their core confidence. Is this true somewhere in your life? So many applications here. Recommended; bring the highlighter! – CMW