Two Tech Updates

File Name Lengths

With a growing number of companies moving to SharePoint and OneDrive, we’ve run into some file name length issues. With a little planning, these problems can be minimized.

The file name length is not just the name of the document. It also includes the various folders under which the file is created. It starts with the letter and name of the location on the drive, then the various folders, all the way to the name of the file.

When setting up SharePoint and OneDrive, keep the folder names concise. Consider how many layers’ deep a file needs to be placed, or should  additional folders be created at a higher level.

Then there’s the name of the actual document. We ran into a few that read like a long book title rather than a document name. If a folder can be more descriptive, could the document name be shorter? You have 256 characters, which can be plenty with a little planning.—JS/CMW

Most Common Passwords of 2020

Coming up with new passwords can be challenging, especially if you follow our recommendations to change them every 90 days (check out for fun options). But it’s important to take the time to come up with secure passwords. It took less than 1 second to crack 15 of the 20 most common passwords of 2020. According to NordPass, the top password was used by 2,433,285 people, took less than a second to crack, and was exposed 23,597,311 times.

The common thread among the most common passwords is that easy-to-remember passwords are also easy for strangers to access your account.

See the rest of the top 20 most common passwords at If anything you use is on this list, change it ASAP! ‘Good’ people aren’t the only ones with access to the list, BTW.—BK