Two Known Issues with S100C v23 Upgrade

We ran our planned video update on the S100C version 23 ‘fixes’ from Sage; good news.

We have to tell you about two issues (bad news) that we’re experiencing across our client base that are DIRECTLY related to the version 23 upgrade that was released on January 19th.

  • This upgrade is impacting the Aatrix installation. In some cases, the Aatrix file is missing after the upgrade; in others, it’s corrupt. In both cases, we’ve had to re-install the Aatrix file.
    1. The error message usually says something like ‘Could not load registration dll.’ It means the file is missing and Aatrix needs to be re-installed. HOWEVER, most users do not have rights to install something like this, so reach out to the tech team that supports your server.
  • Several years ago, Sage setup a process that allows all the local workstations in a network to be upgraded automatically after the server is upgraded. This has been working great – until this January 19th version 23 release! We’re seeing about a 10% success rate, and that is NOT a good outcome.
    1. The error is a list of datasets and it says you’re not a user. The real problem is that the data on the server is in the latest version, and your computer is not!
    2. Note: This only applies to companies that have a local network and Sage is installed on the local server that the workstations/laptops connect to within the office.

So, everyone has to install version 23 for the tax updates and to stay on the latest release if you want support. Plan ahead with these two chronic errors in mind. In the meantime, we’re checking for these as we do the upgrades across our client base; such a bummer!!