Tip – Printing Large Quantities of W2 Forms

Tip – Printing Large Quantities of W2 Forms

We have quite a few clients that print hundreds of W2’s for their employees. Using Adobe to print the W2’s makes the process work better and avoids the hassle of collating hundreds of forms.

1) Purchase your W2’s in sets. Typically, we use the 2 up, 6 part sets. A quick search on google will reveal many sources for these forms. Here is a link to one that I found easily, although we purchase the forms from many places –

2) Print the W2’s to the screen and tie-out the totals page with your 941’s.

3) When ready, print the W2’s to a PDF file. You can use the Master Builder PDF printer, but I like the full Adobe Acrobat product better. Check the final page and make sure it matches the values you used in step 2.

4) Print the W2’s from Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free
download from Adobe
). When you print, print six copies (the number of parts in each set of W2’s) without collating. The result you want is page 1 (the first two employees) to be printed six times, then page 2 printed six times (employees three and four). Be careful here as some printers have their own collating capabilities. Check the printer properties and turn this feature off if it exists before you print.

This process has the advantage of retaining a complete exact electronic copy of the forms you sent out. Also, it is much easier to re-print a single or group of employees from this document should you need to do so by selecting specific pages to print. (law)