Time to Plan Your Upgrade to version 20

Reminder: You have to upgrade in 2017! This involves some planning for your Network – resources, space. Your Office has to do some planning, too – list of all reports within and outside of Sage 100 Contractor, all of which will need testing BEFORE cutting over to the upgrade. Do you have third-party software integrations such as Crystal reports, Syscon Custom Reports, Payroll Service uploads, Field Time Collection – all of these need a version 20-compatible release; is it ready?

Unsure what all the fuss is about? Check out our February Town Hall Meeting where we had a panel discussion by each department on what is needed as you plan for this significant release of Sage 100 Contractor. Share specific sections with your network person, your Controller/Bookkeeper, or anyone else who would be involved in this planning. Need help? Just call our office (630-850-9039) and we’d be happy to help you get this started!