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Three Tech Tips

Keyboard or Mouse?

Personal computer preferences can be very, well, personal. I love the number pad as part of my keyboard; Larry loves five (5) monitors (really!). Some people prefer the mouse while others find it frustrating to reach for the mouse so they use key stroke short cuts.

Shortcuts may change depending on what program you’re using. Most of our clients use Outlook, so Jonathan would like to share the five most popular shortcut combinations for you keyboard lovers.

Ctrl + Enter – Send your message

Ctrl + Shift + C – Create a new contact

Ctrl + Shift + M – Create a new email message

Ctrl + Shift + Q – Create a new meeting request

Ctrl + K – Type a few letters of the user’s name and use Ctrl-K to bring up a list of user names then, use the mouse to select the correct user.—JS/CMW

Internet Explorer (IE) 11

This product is officially retired! Turns out that there are some software programs out there that require IE in order to access. Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to bring an end to the popular browser.

In Office for the Web, there will be a banner in the yellow browser bar for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Customers accessing the web apps through the IE11 browser will see this banner each week. If you have software that you think requires Internet Explorer, contact the manufacturer and find out what they have planned. —CMW

A Beautiful Desk!

About two years ago, Chris found an amazing SmartDesk. The multiple monitors are interactive and respond to hand motions; you can stand up to work; the desk space is nicely shaped to wrap the work area; there’s a charger for your cell, too. Other than the price, the only problem was that it was a built-in workstation.

Well, we’re happy to report that the latest Smart desk lets you dock your laptop for this amazing work space. Just in time for our new ’remote workforce’ situation. Might be time for some of us to look at the fixed asset budget! – CMW