They Can’t Eat You; Book Review

They Can’t Eat You Book Review

I guess I’ve been off my game in recent months. I thought I was in pretty good spirits, keeping some kind of ‘normal’ at our office for us and clients. Then I started this book and realized I’ve been in a daze! Ideas started flowing and I felt a new ‘spark.’

Marc Sparks graduated from high school, no college education. His father taught him a strong work ethic, and he had a God-given knack for sales. He also admits he’s naturally self-confident and loves to build businesses. There are some great stories about the various businesses he’s built. He admits that he was not knowledgeable in all of these industries, so he spent a great deal of effort to find ‘A’ players, learn from them, and support them as he teamed up with them to make success happen. Attitude, energy, and loving the process of building a business with ‘A’ players are the keys to his success.

There are a lot of core business lessons in this book. None are really new; in fact, they’re a shift back to many tried and true standards; be on time and prepared; work hard; go the extra mile; get rid of wrong team members ASAP; share the praise and success with others. Who would have thought?  Definitely recommended. – CMW