The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Cloud starts this book with a neglected truth. To get more out of life, each of us needs to improve ourselves, our self-discipline, our commitments; but there’s more to the formula. Ask anyone who’s really ‘made it’ or been interviewed about their success, and there’s always someone who helped make it possible. Many people have all the same classes and self-help books, and don’t ‘make it’; what’s the key?

In the next chapters, Dr. Cloud talks about the people in our lives and how we’re wired to ‘connect’ with others. They have a great deal of impact on our lives. He walks through specific and actionable steps we can take to choose how we respond to Others in our life, those that can help us grow and accomplish our dreams, and those that drain our energies. We can’t control other people. We can control our responses, and where we choose to put our time and talents.

Thought provoking; I have lots of notes! Strongly recommended – CMW