The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster – Book Review

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Book Review

We’ve been in business 35 years and have seen many changes and lived through several economies. I thought this might be about startups, but it’s not. This stuff applies right now!

In addition to many stories, Mr. Hardy talks through the thrilling ride of being in business for yourself—both sides of the ‘thrill’! Each chapter covers a different aspect of business and includes specific homework as well as the location of online resources to work through the recommendations.

Topics include: What it really takes to survive; the pitfalls you’ll experience with friends and family; the truth about selling; specific steps for hiring; Leadership in the 21st century; how to determine your vital contributions to the business; addressing your fears; and so much more.

This book is very practical. It’s definitely designed to get you to stop, grab some paper, and think through what’s being asked. There are some great quotes and some great stories. You might check out the section on ’Beware of the Crabs’ (there’s a You Tube version, too). – CMW