The Dark Web Threat

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. It’s not easy to navigate to and is full of illegal activities. It also presents danger to businesses. Here are 3 reasons the Dark Web poses a threat:

         1.) The Dark Web is Hopping—Activity on the Dark Web has grown steadily in the past 2 years. There are over 3 million active users daily, almost 10% of whom are from the U.S. 

         2.) It’s Easy to Buy & Sell Credentials—Usernames and passwords are a hot commodity on the Dark Web. Legitimate corporate network credentials sell for around $3,000 and legitimate privileged user creds can go for as much as $120,000. Credit cards with an account balance up to $5,000 go for $120; $15 can get a hacked Uber account or PayPal transfers; a DDoS attack to an unprotected website is just $45.

         3.) Dark Web Credential Exposure is a Gateway to Disaster—User credentials guard an organization’s systems and data. When those credentials are sold and purchased on the Dark Web, a data breach or worse can happen quickly. An estimated 15 billion unique logins are circulating the Dark Web right now. –ID Agent