The Collaborative Way: Book Review

This book was recommended to me by a fellow C12 member. Scott has all new hires read this book, and they reference the terminology and structure as they interact with each other.

The book is set up as a story; there are the ‘current’ events and ‘three years ago’ to show the original introduction of the concepts, and the company’s journey to make this process part of their culture. It’s in the Patrick Lencioni-style of storytelling, all about a company that has success, sees the business drifting down the wrong road and embraces a different way of handling conflict and holding team members accountable.

Through inclusion and alignment, there are five driving principles that help the company stay focused. Each chapter continues the story/journey for each of the categories and includes what it is, how it’s applied, how to handle things when things fall off track and the ultimate success of the system over time. They include Listening Generously; Speaking Straight; Being For Each Other; Honoring Commitments; Acknowledgement and Appreciation.

It’s a quick read and there are some great quotes. ’Just dumping your judgments and assessments on someone is not Speaking Straight, and it isn’t getting you any closer to having a great company.’ ’Being a responsible receiver of a commitment means that I only accept commitments I think will be kept.’ And there’s more, but I’m out of room! Definitely recommended (thanks Scott). – CMW