The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Book Review

How many times have you found yourself excited to roll out a new work flow, new module or program, then watched the day-to-day take over and the great change fizzle out? It’s discouraging.

This book hits this scenario head on. It’s human nature and the ‘whirlwind’ of getting work done can’t be ignored. But they have a plan, too; 4 Disciplines.

One of the things I really liked in reading the 4 Disciplines is its alignment with the Traction 90-day Rock focus. Both books remind us that when there are several really important goals, the odds are good that you’ll miss them. You need laser focus. The 4 Disciplines walk through identifying the Wildly Important Goal (WIG). Then they introduce not only Lag Measures (the end result), but the importance of Lead Measures—tracking the daily/weekly tasks that, if done, will make success a certainty.

The last Discipline is the weekly check in with the field that’s executing those Lead Measures. This is also in keeping with the Traction method, and the importance of connection and accountability during the execution, not just the end result. Recommended!- CMW