Michelle Reynolds

Helps Eliminate Errors

The biggest benefit since implementing the F.I.T. System is having the Foremen enter their time on a daily basis. This not only helps on payroll day, but helps us have a more accurate cost for the job if asked to provide a status before payroll is complete. It really helps the payroll process to have the time entered daily and by the Foremen. Foremen are able to better review their jobs for correct time, and everyone is not rushed and pressured on payroll days. This helps eliminate errors on jobs. Before we implemented the F.I.T. System, the Foremen and shop were submitting their time on Monday morning by either filling out their timecards or calling into the office to give us their crews’ time to enter. Once time was written on timecards, the office then had to enter the time into Sage. This not only made Mondays hectic with having to enter everyone’s time in one day, but it also had a greater chance for errors.