Angela Griffin

Cut My Payroll Processing Time in Half

The F.I.T. System’s single biggest benefit to me and my company is that it saves us a TON of time! The app is easy to learn and to use for all of my field employees, and it has cut my payroll processing time in half, at the minimum. Before the F.I.T. System, we used a different field time app, but it didn’t connect to Sage 100 Contractor. I manually entered new jobs into the app and then manually entered all of our employees’ time from the app into Sage each week. Payroll was starting to take too long to process, causing job cost delays and, therefore, affecting our Project Managers’ budgets and billing. To anyone on the fence about the F.I.T. System, I highly encourage you to go for it! Syscon was great with the setup and continues to be very responsive and helpful. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with both Syscon and F.I.T.!