Testimonial: Michelle Sylvander, Capitol Region Watershed District

Michelle Sylvander, Office Manager
Capitol Region Watershed District, St. Paul, Minnesota 

The single biggest benefit for Capitol Region Watershed District moving to Sage has been time. We now save so much time. Prior to Sage, our accountant kept all our records. If a project manager wanted to see a report, we had to wait for our accountant to pull that report for us. Sometimes that would be a few days. Now project managers can pull those same reports themselves any time they like. 

What I love about Syscon is that I feel like they really listen. We have been working with Syscon for about six years and I feel like they understand how our organization operates. We are a local form of government, so we don’t use the Sage software like most traditional customers issuing invoices and collecting payments. Syscon takes the time to listen to my concerns and show solutions. The staff at Syscon knows the Sage product inside and out.

When we were implementing Sage, I wish we knew about Syscon.