Testimonial: Judy Hart, Mid-State Steel

Judy Hart, Controller
Mid-State Steel, Peoria, Illinois

When you consider the cost of the Sage 100 Contractor software, and the annual charge for the license renewal, I found no other product compared. Most were at least twice the cost and the annual fees were out of site. The support offered by Syscon is way above what other companies I talked to could or would provide. The costs have been totally acceptable in light of the amazing support I have received. Total costs for the software, the implementation, and on-site training all together were still below other options I considered. They need not be afraid to trust Syscon.

I have some knowledge of QuickBooks and its limitations – more than Sage 50 – and it just did not cut it. The fact that Sage 100 Contractor is geared toward construction, and having Syscon provide their services for the implementation, I have found that all of the special issues we at Mid-State Steel needed help with were taken care of. If I had known how much time I would save by doing this, it would have happened a long time ago. I know a big change is scary to say the least…I have been through this several times in my 35+ years doing construction accounting and can assure anyone that Syscon took all of the scare out of the transition!!!! This was by far the easiest conversion I ever did, thanks to Cathy and the entire Syscon organization.