Testimonial: Jeff Spellman, Maiuri Electrical Corporation

Jeff Spellman, Controller
Maiuri Electrical Corporation, North Andover, Massachusetts

Sage 100 Contractor is easy to learn and scalable. I can quickly bring on new employees and get them trained quickly and effectively. Additionally, adding new entities is straightforward and Syscon has been instrumental in that journey.

I know that when I call or email Syscon, I will be speaking with the individuals who will address the issue directly. That includes project work or one-off issues. The breadth of knowledge on the team is excellent. Any process improvements we have, it seems they’ve seen it, addressed it, and are ready with a solution.

When you call and speak with Syscon, you will be dealing with the same people during implementation through steady state. They will know your system and your data and will be able to step in and support. That knowledge is invaluable in assessing and resolving issues in a prompt and timely manner within expectations.