Testimonial: James Lees, Kisby Shore HVAC

James Lees, Managing Principle
Kisby Shore HVAC, Atlantic City, New Jersey

My company has used the Sage product for many years through various iterations and software ownership. To be honest, we didn’t come close to using Sage 100 Contractor to its full potential until we engaged Syscon. They worked very diligently with my team to help us realize the full potential of the program. To that end, we have seen productivity increase, time spent tracking costs decrease, and we are now able to run various accounting reports quickly with great confidence that they are accurate. 

We never used other consulting firms with respect to this program.  In the past, we would use the Sage 100 Contractor help desk for specific problems or questions.  Syscon has become a valued partner to our company and it is tough to imagine how we managed without them for as many years as we did. 

Cathy, Larry, Mary, and their entire team are wonderful. They are an unbelievably knowledgeable resource for my company, and we lean on them often for help. There has never been an instance where they have not quickly scheduled time to help us with our questions or concerns. From a business owner’s perspective, there is a lot of value in excellent customer service.  The team at Syscon has brought a tangible and appreciable value to my company.