Technology Tips – CFMA and Syscon are Singing the Same Tune

On a recent flight back from a client on-site training out of state, I had a chance to catch up on some of my reading. I’ve been a member of the CFMA (Construction Financial Managers Association) for a while, most recently with the Valley of the Sun (VoS) chapter after many years with the Chicago chapter.

I was so excited to see that CFMA is talking about some of the same things we have been sharing in my regular Video Blogs, as well as our monthly newsletters. Here are a few things the July/August issue of the CFMA magazine, Building Profits, is talking about, and if you’ve been reading and listening to Syscon communications, these should sound familiar!

  • Mobile Devices: the pro’s and con’s of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Great benefits for the employee and the employer, but definitely some security considerations. There are a variety of software tools that can be used, but having a policy, a procedure, and enforcing them is the key to your data security and safety.
  •  So you’ve been hacked: Now What? We ran a similar article recently, and again, this publication echoed some of the same points. Don’t think you’re too small to be a target. Your money is just as good as anyone’s, and this is big business for the hackers. There are a variety of precautions you can and should take for your network and the endpoints (devices that connect to the network), but the human element is the biggest wild card – educate and train your staff. There’s no need to open an email from a bank, especially one you don’t even use! Don’t click the links! And so on.

Glad to see the quality organizations like CFMA echoing the information we’ve been sharing in our 30+ years of business supporting the Construction Industry. If you’d like to hear more about these, we have some 2-minute videos on our website covering many of these topics, or check out our You Tube Channel (Syscon Inc). If you’d like to see any of our newsletters, they’re on the website too, or call the office and we’ll mail you a copy – 630-850-9039. Or, we can send you a PDF, or email the link. How can we help YOU? – CMW