Tech Talk: Updates

Quarantined Email from a Known Sender

We’ve seen this several times. An incoming email is Quarantined by your anti-spam software. You see it’s from a vendor you know and recognize, so you release it from quarantine. BUT, before you do, here’s something to consider.

Perhaps this is a known and trusted vendor. But there’s a reason the scanning software flagged it. There’s a very real possibility that the vendor has been compromised or this specific person’s email has been compromised and they don’t even know it yet!

You’d actually be doing your trusted vendor a favor if you dug into this a bit. It’s worth asking a tech if the email is truly risky, and if so, letting the vendor know that they should engage their tech team to take a look. 

We’re in this together—let’s have each other’s back! — CMW

You Might Look Like Spam!

We’ve seen a growing number of clients going back to sending large group email messages to their internal teams or other groups. If your target list has 20 or more names, do NOT send the email through regular channels.

There are some excellent spam filters out there. When an email has more than 20 recipients, it automatically receives a higher possible spam score and it’s very possible the email will not be delivered.

Consider a service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. There are some ‘free’ levels and some paid options. If you use a CRM, set up the DKIM configurations and use their services to get the email delivered safely.

What’s the big deal? If your domain name (the company web address, ours is is seen as sending spam, your email may not get to the recipients, but even worse, it might be blacklisted, causing other ’regular’ emails to be intercepted, as well. If you need options, check in with the techs and we can offer some suggestions.— CMW