Teams – M365

The First 10 Things to Do in Teams

  1. Start with chat – create a small group chat with colleagues you work with most closely. You can name and ‘favorite’ the chat for easy reference.
  2. Connect from anywhere – download the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps to enable teamwork from anywhere.
  3. Go BIG! – create larger teams with dedicated channels to specific topics, projects, disciplines – whatever you like. Better to have fewer, larger teams with more channels than several small teams with few channels.
  4. Customize channels – upload files to the appropriate channel and pin frequently used files to make it easier for everyone to find.
  5. Add apps to channels – do more in one place by integrating favorite apps and services, like Word, Excel, and Planner with team chats and meetings.
  6. Consolidate ‘need to know’ content -use OneNote or the Wiki feature to spotlight important content like meeting follow ups and goals separate from conversations.
  7. Spotlight resources – pin key websites used to track news, performance, or metric tracking so everyone can access this information right in Teams.
  8. Elevate email conversations – forward email to a team channel to continue the discussion in a threaded chat conversation with attachments automatically uploaded for easy team co-authoring.
  9. Share content from other services – set up connectors to push content from services like Twitter into Teams; get notified of the team’s activity in that service.
  10. Help foster active channels – be personally active in channels and @team to highlight posts for the whole group.