Larry has been a successful entrepreneur and information technology consultant for over 30 years. His formal education is in physics and mathematics, with significant work in expert systems and artificial intelligence. His ‘practical’ education includes co-founding Syscon, an information technology consulting company working with small and mid-sized businesses to meet their information technology needs. With the Syscon team, he has designed, developed, and implemented many technology solutions including cost estimating, accounting, complex data analysis, and data collection systems. Larry’s passion to build practical and useful technology solutions that work in everyday business continues to make him a sought-after expert in the construction industry.

Larry comes from a family tradition of entrepreneurship. This experience has provided a solid foundation for his consulting work in the business world. Larry designed and founded Benchmark Estimating Software – one of the first computerized estimating systems written for the construction industry; Realmusic, Inc. – a music label that was nominated for a Grammy Award; Albert Wendt Construction Co. – a third generation commercial masonry company; Syscon, Inc. – an information technology consulting company; and most recently – Gladius Asset Management LLC – a commodities futures hedge fund.