Talent Magnet – Book Review

Rob from my accountability group stumbled on this book at an airport, then suggested all of us should read it; so glad he did!

The book is written in a story format. A CEO has a growing problem finding top talent, so he and his team set out to discover what attracts top talent. During this process, the CEO’s son, along with some friends, are looking for summer work to raise money to help build a well in a third world country, a place they had visited. The kids set out to discover what kind of job they’d like and what kind of company they’d like to work for. Between father and son, they discover a formula—

TM = B3A; Talent Magnet equals Better Boss, Bright Future, Bigger Vision, and Awareness.

The book is a little sugary, but the research and experiences are solid. The kids’ experiences are great reminders, too.  Recommended! – CMW