Starlink – A New Option

Starlink has been around a while. They offer satellite internet service and have been deploying equipment pretty aggressively of late. It seems that these efforts are now making this alternative a reality!

A May announcement from the company features their new Priority plan for businesses and other high demand users. The promo says the service starts at $250/month and includes faster download/upload speeds, as well as priority customer support and a public IP address. It’s not available everywhere, but we have a client in Ohio who moved to this service and it has been a huge gamechanger! They’re in a very remote location and the local internet they’ve been using is incredibly slow. This new service has made a big difference for them.

Starlink also announced a new Mobile Priority Plan to provide high-speed internet ‘while in motion around the world, whether on land or the ocean.’ There are more details on their website and in their FAQ pages.

If you’re in a remote location with unreliable and slow internet, this might be worth checking out! – CMW