Social Media – A Positive Outcome with Yelp!

You may have read our recent article on the dark side of media (Sept 30th blog post); we have an encouraging story to share with you! I received an email from Yelp that we had a new review; very exciting.  I logged on and found a terrible review saying we had not finished a project, not returned the deposit, and they had found a different company that they highly recommended and named right there.

The ‘review’ was from the same town as the recommended company; VERY suspicious. I right-clicked and contacted Yelp to let them know that this seemed like a Marketing scam.  We didn’t have any such project in production, we certainly had not walked away from any project, and in 30 years of business, we’ve never absconded with a client’s deposit!  Would they please look into it?

I got the automated reply, but much to my surprise, within a few days I received a real message.  They agreed and took down the damaging review.  Thanks Yelp for taking the time to look into this and taking it seriously!